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Division Script

Division Script is an elegant script typeface which pays homage to the Afghan Whigs “What Jail Is Like” album (1994) visual identity. The stokes are graceful and rhythmic, and letterforms are characterized by a vivid and sharp design mixing square and round serifs. The original drawing will be enriched by a range of OpenType ligatures and swash alternatives.

Division Script will be available in the upcoming collection of Skrr Type.

Alna Display

Alna is an All Caps Display typeface born with a daily calligraphic sketch exploration focused on recurrent diagonal stroke and reverse contrast inspired by Bastarda and 16th century French Caractères de Civilité forebears St Augustine Civilité. The customised retail typeface offers a a stable but full of life feeling. Equiped with full bag of ligatures for reading optimisation, Alna own whimsical personality and rhythmic shines at large sizes.

Glyphset: Latin 1 (Western European Latin)
Glyphs: 936
Styles: Regular, Bold, Black

Apollo 11 Flight Journal (The Challenge Before Us)

On the eve of Apollo 11’s launch in July 1969, Reverend Ralph Abernathy, head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), led a demonstration outside the Kennedy Space Center. Still reeling from the assassination of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Abernathy led this march of the poor to draw attention to economic and racial inequalities. The Apollo 11 mission has been hailed as humanity’s greatest technological achievement, and after the upheaval of the 1960s, when America just commemorated the mission’s 50th anniversary, the Apollo program, driven by the space race against the Soviet Union, cost $25.4 billion, the equivalent of $180 billion today. Only the Vietnam War hit taxpayers harder. The black press wondered how the price could be justified while millions of African-Americans were still plunged into poverty. The recent protests have their roots in the same civil rights movement, a decades-long history of peaceful demonstrations interspersed with waves of frustration.

Dimension: 210 x 320 mm,
Volume 1: 0 - 467 p
Volume 2: 467 - 897 p

Alna Display Broadsheet Specimen

Dimension: 332 x 475 mm, 16 p
Available on request.

Silver City - Projection (Catune Records)